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Additional Learning Needs

The way pupils with Additional Learning Needs (ALN) are supported in schools in Wales is currently changing.

The ALN Act and wider ALN Transformation Programme will transform the separate systems for special educational needs (SEN) in schools or PRUs and learning difficulties and/or disabilities (LDD) in further education to create a unified system for supporting learners from 0 to 25 with ALN.  At Johnstown Primary School, we are working closely with outside agencies, Carmarthenshire County Council and our learners and their families to ensure that we successfully fulfil our obligations under the ALN Act and ALN Transformation Programme.

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Additional Learning Needs at Johnstown Primary School

Our aim at Johnstown Primary School is to provide all pupils with the knowledge, understanding, skills and tools they need to be successful lifelong learners.  For pupils with ALN, we recognise that additional support may be needed for pupils to access the curriculum and work successfully alongside their peers.

Our Additional Learning Needs team incorporates:

Mrs S Davies, ALN Coordinator

Mrs J Nicholas, Assistant ALN Coordinator

Mrs J Draper, ALN Assistant

Our ALN team aid class teachers in providing bespoke support for each pupil who has been identified with ALN.  They ensure that staff have the necessary skills to create inclusive classrooms where all pupils are given the tools they need to succeed.  Staff at Johnstown Primary School are trained in the use of key skills, programmes and/or strategies to help support pupils with ALN.  These include:

Key staff are trained to deploy Team Teach strategies.

All staff can work with pupils to create and use Social Stories.

Teaching Assistants have undertaken training to utilise Positive Play strategies with pupils throughout the school.

All staff have received Building Positive Relationships training to ensure relationships between staff and pupils are positive and effective and lead to improved outcomes for all.

Teaching staff have been trained in the effective use of Boxall Profiles which assess pupils’ social, emotional and behavioural development and can identify and provide appropriate support where there may be concerns regarding one or more of these aspects.

Teaching staff have been trained how to recognise dyslexic tendencies and how to support pupils who have Dyslexia or display dyslexic tendencies.

Staff have received training in how to use Person Centred Planning Approaches and how to help pupils create effective One Page Profiles.  All pupils and all staff at the school have a One Page Profile.

Johnstown Primary School has also been recognised as an Autism Friendly School by Autism Wales.  This means that our staff have completed training about how to provide an Autism friendly learning environment and older pupils in the school have signed a charter to show their commitment to making the school a friendly and positive environment for pupils with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder).

Assisted Technology:

Throughout the school, pupils have access to technology to support their learning, including iPads and Chromebooks in every class.  All pupils are encouraged to use technology to support their learning.  Many pupils with ALN benefit from the use of this technology.  This includes the use of:

Immersive Reader, which is a tool that uses proven techniques to improve reading for everyone.

Speech to Text, which allows pupils to say what they want to write and then transcribes it into a document.

Support Available to Families:

Carmarthenshire County Council

Family Information Service, Carmarthenshire

Team Around the Family

Tim Camau Bach (Disability Support)