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School Councils

Pupil Councils

It is very important to us that Johnstown Primary School pupils have a say in what happens in our school.  As well as regularly using pupil voice techniques and strategies to gain the views of our learners about the curriculum and what is taught in each class and year group, we also have a number of pupil councils.  These councils are made up of representatives from across the school and allow pupils to express their views and the views of their peers on key issues which affect the day-to-day running of the school.

School Council

Members of the School Council are elected by the pupils in their class and serve for a full academic year.  School Councillors regularly meet with members of the Governing Body’s Standards & Curriculum and Pupil Voice & Wellbeing Committee.  This is an opportunity for the sharing of experiences, ideas, concerns and information. We see this as an important link as we believe the pupils’ view of their school is paramount to ensuring our future success.

The School Council meets regularly to make decisions which affect the learners and to discuss various issues, for example:

  1. Buying school equipment, e.g., playtime games/activities.
  2. Our support of charity events.
  3. Playtimes.
  4. Revising school/classroom rules.
  5. Suggestions which will benefit the children themselves.
  6. Formal duties.

The School Council is made up of elected representatives from Year 2 to Year 6.

Criw Craff

The Criw Craff is a Pupil Council that has been established to help educate the learners in Johnstown Primary School about online safety and digital citizenship through peer tutoring. 

The council meets regularly to explore eSafety websites and resources which can be shared with their peers.  The children are also responsible for creating resources to share with their peers through the Hwb learning platform.  The core aim of this Pupil Council is to ensure that students around the school are aware of the SMART Rules for being safer on the internet.

Criw Craf is made up of two representatives per class from Year 2 to Year 6.

Eco Council

Johnstown Primary School works hard to ensure sustainable development is an integral part of its life and ethos. The whole school is united in this common cause. By encouraging pupils to take responsibility for the environmental management of the school we are developing increased sense of ownership for their school surroundings. We have built strong partnerships. This has enabled us to draw on a wealth of knowledge and expertise from the school and local community and from businesses, associations and clubs. 

The Eco School programme is a long-term activity with the Green Flag Award being re-assessed and renewed every two years. We successfully achieved the Platinum Award, during the Summer Term 2012 and it has been renewed successfully every two years.

The Eco Council is made up of two representatives per class from Year 2 to Year 6.

Cyngor Cymraeg (Welsh Council)

The Cyngor Cymraeg is a Pupil Council that has been established in Johnstown Primary School to encourage the use of the Welsh language across the school.  They meet regularly to agree ideas to support other learners with their Welsh Language development, with the aim of achieving the Silver Award in the Welsh Government’s Siarter Iaith Cymraeg. 

Cyngor Cymraeg is made up of two representatives per class from Year 2 to Year 6.